Black Tea

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Black Tea

When most people are asked “Do you like tea?” their first thoughts are the famous orange pekoe tea bags that we all grew up dipping in hot water. Thankfully, black tea has evolved since the early days of fine cut tea bags. Today, the result is full-bodied tea leaves packed with flavor characteristics spanning from robust yet mild to smoky but sweet. 

Umami has over 50 varieties of black tea. Starting with the traditional Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast and Earl Grey elevating to fine Darjeelings and FTGFOP classifications to specialty blends involving lemon, rose petals, cinnamon, strawberry, chocolate, orange, hazelnut, passion fruit and more.

In this class we will re-introduce you to black tea; examine the traditional teabag; compare it to loose leaf teas and debunk the myth that all teas taste the same.  

Your class will include: 

  • the tasting, analysis and comparison of five (5) black teas.
  • An Umami Tea Box filled with black tea to take home.  

Black Teas are believed to   

§ have approximately 20% of the caffeine than in a cup of coffee. 

§ help lower cholesterol

§ helps in the prevention of heart disease. 

§ help regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

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Curious about black tea? Well join us as we taste and analyze loose tea versus the tea bag.  We will also discuss classifications of tea and what distinguishes high quality tea from an every day tea bag.